Philtech Accelerator
for social technological startups
Philtech startups early stage intensive development program
What is #philtech?
It is a technological area (by analogy, for instance, with fintech / biotech), where digital technology is used for solving issues especially important for the public.
So, what are issues especially important for the public?
Many problems are related to inequality of people's access to information, opportunities, and resources. The aim of philtech solutions is to reduce this inequality. For example, people with
hearing and speech impairment cannot get services on an equal basis with the others, as communication is difficult for them. A technological solution has been proposed by the Surdo
Online startup, a finalist of the accelerator's first wave. The team created a cloud service for online sign language interpretation. Any entity – a store, a drugstore, a railway station, an outpatient hospital – can connect to the service from a standard tablet and, thus, to interact with people who have hearing or speech impairments.
How to understand that my project is a philtech?
Information Technologies are a "drive" for your solution
Philtech is not a foundation / a shelter / a collection point of clothes for homeless people or even
a website of such an organization. This is a digital solution: a service / an application / a platform / a marketplace. Just think: what will happen if electricity or internet suddenly goes out? If nothing fundamentally changes in your project, most likely, you will need another accelerator.
The project is scalable
People and companies from other cities, regions, and countries can be easily connected to it.
Profit is not the main thing for you
The project is focused on solving a socially significant problem, rather than on making profit.
However, it is important that you can develop your project not only using grants. We are sure that philtech projects must be sustainable and self-supporting.
For your convenience, we have collected below some examples of projects that we are looking for. These can be mobile apps, web platforms, digital services, and other scalable IT solutions.
A solution that makes transparent the funds flow with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Russia, the USA

A global app for micro-donations for the starving, Italy
Via this app, partner companies transfer funds for charity per each kilometer walked by the user, the USA

The developer of artificial intelligence-based software to predict the increase in the number of suicides, Canada

Charitable gamer's marathons; viewers donate money while watching the broadcasts at Twitch, the USA

A platform for intelligent online volunteering, Russia

A platform for intelligent online volunteering, Russia
Agency for training and employment of people with disabilities, Russia
The developer of tactile watches, Russia

Seeing AI
A Microsoft computer vision-based application to help visually impaired people, the USA

Mail for Good
Service for sending letters from NGOs, the USA

AntiPanic Pro

An app for helping people suffering from panic attacks, Russia

A service for intellectual volunteering, Russia

A community of IT and media experts working with NGOs, Russia
VR software for non-physiological rehabilitation of people, the UK
Blockchain pilot of WWF
A blockchain project to combat illegal fishing, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

DisQwerty и DisType

Software for alternative communication with people having speech impairments, Russia

A crowdfunding platform for NGOs, Singapore

Global charity social network for micro-donations to NGOs

Blockchain startup to control the flow of "bloody diamonds", the UK


A chat bot of the "Anton is nearby" center, telling how people with autism see the world around
them, and offering to make donations, Russia
A platform for intellectual volunteering, Russia
A fundraising charity platform, Russia, Finland


An open science electronic library, Russia

A crypto boarding house for the elderly people, Russia
A platform that helps small farmers to find investors and buyers, Nigeria
A chat bot for psychological help in case of depression, the USA

Walk with Yeshi

A chat bot on Facebook helping the Charity:water foundation to tell about the water shortage in Ethiopia, the USA


A platform for finding volunteers and volunteer programs, Russia
How accelerator can help me?
Build a team and find users
Test an idea / a solution and to create a sustainable operating model
Attract resources and find partners
How accelerator can help me?
Build a team and find users
Test an idea / a solution and to create a sustainable operating model
Attract resources and find partners
Under the accelerator program, you will pass the way - which other people follow for years - from the idea / a prototype to establishing a company. How does it work?
You get a personal mentor
Get advice from the business and non-profit sector experts
Join the philtech community
Pass a unique educational program for social startups (you can do it remotely)
Get to know the impact investors and get the opportunity to present them your project
Get access to free resources (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other services)
What if I have no team yet?
If you are the only one person involved in your project, that's all right!
We will help you build a team.
A private Russian philanthropic foundation, whose activities are based on the impact-investment and venture philanthropy approaches. The purpose of the fund is to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to realize their full self-potential. It was founded in 2015 by Igor Rybakov and Ekaterina Rybakova. In 2016, it became one of the top ten largest private funds in Russia.
It is a structural unit of the Higher School of Economics, the first university incubator in Russia. Since 2006, it has been engaged in the generation and development of start-ups, contributing to the formation of an innovative state infrastructure. In 2013, an incubation program for social entrepreneurs and a prototyping laboratory for technological development was launched. Over 10 years, more than 600 companies have been incubator graduates, with the total sum of investments attracted exceeding RUB 350 million.
What to do next?
In the autumn of 2018, we launch the third Philtech accelerator – "Aging: technological solutions
to social issues".
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